Trust & Elder Abuse Litigation


Even with careful estate planning, the terms of a Trust or Will document may not reflect the drafter’s real intent or objectives and may eventually result in a dispute. Without the guidance of an experienced estate litigation attorney, the web of rules in Probate matters can be overwhelming.

At Chapman Law Group, we understand that litigation between family members can be very emotional and contentious, and acknowledge the frustration and feelings of hurt or anger our clients may be enduring. Our experienced attorneys are focused on protecting your interests while preserving your family member’s vision of his or her estate. Contact us today for a consultation.


Senior citizens, or “elders”, are often more vulnerable to financial exploitation, physical or emotional abuse, and/or neglect. Often, the person(s) committing the abuse will be close to the elder, including family member(s), caregiver(s), financial manager(s), etc. In California, there are numerous laws that help protect senior citizens who are 65 years of age or older from all types of fraud and abuse. Remedies may include financial recovery, additional recovery for pain and suffering, and attorney’s fee awards.

When an elder is subjected to abuse, it may be difficult for them to speak out, fight back, and protect their rights.

If you are an elder, or have an elderly family member or friend who you suspect is being subjected to any kind of abuse, contact our experienced attorneys for a consultation.


If you need a lawyer, contact our offices to schedule a consultation.

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