*****5 Star Yelp Reviews*****

Peter G. 11/9/2018

“First!!!! I want to say a little thing for all of you that will be reading my review…. “And”….  are looking for a great attorney to help you with your unfortunately problems that are making you look for some much needed help, advices and support… basically… HELP!!!!!  I do come from a very well known line of “great” lawyers back in my home country.  My dad was a great attorney when he was still alive… very well know attorney, my lovely mother still VERY active and the head of the Lawyers Association back in my hometown with over a million people! (and yesss!!!! there is nothing that she can do for me here in the USA except with great directions and what I should do next!) 2 of my uncles were attorneys back home when alive, my younger sister also is a great attorney…. sooooo, with all my simplicity… I do know a lot about attorneys!!!

1- Don’t expect to find David wearing a suit, ties, expensive shoes in “his” office… to meet you… like they do all over the world… 100 degrees weather and ties! Did not had to go to court… still, I assume that he would be well dressed if needed!

2- At his office…  will be in shorts, pants, socks, very relax, and without a chair!!! they work standing up!!! that is how his office works… buuuuut!!! if you want to sit down with him and Birgit? For sure they have a place for you to sit!

3- You pay what you need to pay!!!! very simple!!!! “and” if you don’t use all of his services, work??? Fairly!!!! He will give you back whatever monies he needs to give back to you…. without any “simple question”

4- Attorneys… sometimes….. want just to make money, money, money and money….. David, Birgit…. just want to help you!!!! And off course! Paid for their great services like anyone else.

5- His office and business have 5 stars!!!! And I will give him and his office… one more star!!!!!
I wish you a good luck with whatever attorney you are going to find…. but for sure… and from the bottom of my heart!!!! He is a very coolllllll guy!!! And you will not feel regret to hire their services!
Got go now!!!! Have a lovely day, evening!!!!


Alex G. 11/8/2018

“I recently retained David Chapman’s council to represent my interests. This was the first time I’ve retained an attorney for anything other than purchasing real estate or having my estate documents drafted. From beginning to end, David’s advice was valuable in bringing about a very workable and satisfying resolution to a thorny situation.
David and his associates are intelligent, practical and personable. David educated me on the pros and cons of litigating and, based on his advice, we decided to seek a non-litigious resolution. That decision saved me much time and mind share. I hope all attorneys encourage their clients to settle, if both possible and practical, but since litigating often means exponentially higher legal fees, I understand this isn’t always the case. Clearly, David is a person who puts his clients’ interests first. His office is easy to find (no need to battle traffic in and out of San Francisco) and there was always an abundance of parking. Bonus: Even the coffee he serves is yummy (important during those extended discussions). I hope I won’t need him again for a very long time or, better yet, ever. In the meantime, it’s reassuring to know where I can turn for top-notch legal advice if/when life throws an unexpected curveball.


Jude C. 4/4/2018

“David came to my rescue in a time of need and successfully negotiated a great agreement with the challenging County of Marin. David is an expert in real estate law, creates super persuasive arguments under the law, and is a great pleasure to work with under difficult circumstances. David really cares and jumps over the moon for his clients.”



Charles P. 2/28/2019

“For the past year, David has been representing my wife and I in litigation associated with a real estate matter. Through David’s outstanding efforts in guiding us through the legal processes and negotiations, we were able to arrive at a satisfactory settlement with the other party. This was done while we resided is a different state than where the property was located in California. Through his diligence,  expertise and knowledge, and dedication, he maintained contact with us throughout the entire time frame. Two-way dialog and communications were critical to the outcome. This was the first time we ever had to use an attorney to deal with a critical matter and by selecting David was the best decision we made. A job well done!”


Behrooz S. 9/20/2017

“I definitely recommend David Chapman, not only as an outstanding and most competent lawyer, but as an advocate who actually made me feel that he genuinely cared about me as a person. He has represented me most successfully in different cases! We need more great lawyers like him. Five Stars!”


Lynne L. 6/8/2017

“I wholeheartedly recommend David Chapman as an outstanding attorney! David is excellent at sifting through the mire of debris we can face in business legal battles, I cannot say enough positive things about his demeanor, knowledge, professionalism, thoroughness and fantastic ability to stay in touch with his clients!A year ago I was in a bind with an ex-partner not paying me for a practice buyout and threatening to claim bankruptcy…I was trying to file a suit myself and it got beyond what I could manage on my own, finding David was truly a godsend! His straightforward methods were extremely helpful and non-confusing, he never overwhelmed me with legalese speak and never made me feel like I didn’t know what I was doing. No one wants to be at the mercy of the legal system including myself; but thanks to David, they finally settled for what I asked and I didn’t lose all my investment!

Bonus: David has an awesome communication style and great sense of humor, and his personable presence creates comfort during times of stressful case debate…David is a gem and genuinely a nice guy…but look out in court for the other party because he won’t let up when he knows your behind is on the line! You won’t regret having David on your team!”


Niels R. 5/30/2017

“David is undoubtedly one of the most competent and professional attorneys in the Bay Area. He will answer your questions promptly and exhaustively. One of his best qualities is his genuineness. He truly cares about his clients’ issues and will do whatever it takes to solve them.  As a student, I was very lucky to meet David and thank him for his wise advices on personal issues that I was dealing with a few weeks ago. You should give him a call and see how fast he can address your concerns. Overall, David is an excellent attorney with very reasonable fees. Thank you very much David!”

Robert S. 3/29/2017

“It is an absolute pleasure to write this review about David Chapman.
He is a genuine human being, –  understanding,  down to earth and cares about other people. Even beyond that, he is an excellent attorney who will do what it takes to protect your rights and help you with any legal issue you may have.

I was referred to David because I was facing an illegal eviction from a care facility for the elderly. I called dozens of lawyers and not one felt it lucrative enough to defend me. But not David, he patiently listened to all the details of my case, even asked me to send him the relevant papers to take a quick look at without even charging me, He also suggested a possible strategy to deal with the problem.
All I can say is I wish all lawyers were like David. I was extrememly fortunate to find him.”


Phil D. 3/25/2017

“I had David review a business contract while it was still under negotiation, his timely responses and wise additions helped me close a better deal, and his fees were very reasonable.
I highly recommend Mr. Chapman for professional assistance of your legal needs.”

Yong L. 11/12/2016

“David recently represented me at trial in a breach of contract case.  After meeting with other attorneys, I knew right away that David would be perfect in representing me.  He really fights for the underdog. You will not find anyone as professional, knowledgeable, kind, and caring as David.  Â Other lawyers I talked to were not as responsive as David.  David stepped in and made a stressful issue completely stress free for me.  If you are looking for a business lawyer I highly recommend David for any business disputes or litigation and his fees are incredibly reasonable!  If you are facing a stressful or difficult issue and need legal help then make sure you have him represent you!  Thank you David for helping me out and especially for being so patient and taking the time to explain my options and walk me through the legal process.  I am so happy I found you and had the opportunity to work with you.”

Patricia S. 8/6/2016

“An attorney friend recommended Mr. Chapman. I was selling my home and having legal problems. Mr. Chapman recognized that the situation was urgent and saw me immediately. He was very professional and experienced and kind and got a grasp of what was going on very quickly. He proposed a course of action to which I agreed and he then kept me updated on his progress with frequent phone calls. He reached a good settlement for me and I was very pleased. I would recommend him to anybody who needs an excellent real estate attorney. You will be in good hands.”


Luke M. 6/16/2016

“My wife and I recently needed a real estate attorney when we were faced with a matter dealing with the HOA of our building.  After consulting with a few other attorneys we chose to work with David and we couldn’t have made a better decision.  He was an expert as to HOA and building laws and was able to represent us to get the best possible outcome for our situation.  We would not have been able to get a favorable outcome without him.  David was extremely easy to work with, very responsive and went above and beyond in taking time to explain matters and counsel us. Once we had him on board representing us the stress of the situation decreased significantly.  I would absolutely recommend David if you have an HOA / real estate / neighbor / building matter.”


Susan Q. 5/15/2016

“David provided us with information that was very valuable with regards to our situation as tenants (having to move out of a rental property because the owner was selling.) He was responsive and generous with his time.”


Susan D. 4/12/2016

“I found this attorney online and first was a little skeptical, considering high hourly rates and location of the office. It proved every dollar I spend- David would spend many additional hours to make sure all my paperwork is correctly formatted and is acceptable by all legal standards. He is easy to deal with, and good at explaining complicated legal matter in a simple language. I am looking forward to using his services again if needed.”


Jane C. 7/14/2016

“I recommend David Chapman.  I hired David a couple of years ago to help me resolve a debt dispute.  David handled my Contracts & Agreements matter.  Mr. Chapman created a solid, detailed settlement agreement and facilitated in the negotiation of terms between myself and the creditor. He did this effortlessly, met all deadlines, and even surprised me with how quickly we were able to reach a favorable settlement.  Mr. Chapman’s professional demeanor, honesty, and understanding of the law made me feel at peace when hiring an attorney and I look forward to working with him in the future.”

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