Seiko Nozaki, B.A.

Seiko Nozaki, Director of Administration/Controller, began working at the firm as Office Administrator in 2012. Over the past 10 years, she has helped David grow this business from the start by providing customer support, handling all administrative and client billing matters, and finding the best technological solutions to address business demands. Seiko takes pride in developing trusting and positive relationships with our clients and is determined to attract the best professional talent to achieve this aim. Seiko’s extensive background as a graphic designer has helped her master a variety of legal applications and project management platforms to support our firm’s operations. As a leader, she pours her creative mind into addressing diverse business challenges and fosters a highly productive and inclusive work environment. In her current position, Seiko oversees the firm’s financial sustainability, plays a critical role in supporting business development, and ensures operational excellence.

Originally from Yokohama (Japan), and a graduate of Economics from Community College in Tokyo, Seiko worked for many years at a major insurance company in Japan before coming to the United States. Landing in San Francisco in 1996, Seiko followed her passion for Graphic Design by earning a B.A. degree from the prestigious Academy of Art College. Thereafter, Seiko led a successful career working with leading Bay Area graphic design enterprises. Successful projects have included Levi’s, Design Within Reach, and Soma Magazine. Embracing a community-oriented mindset, Seiko has led both Design and Marketing departments for various advertisers and magazine publishers in the Bay Area. By working with innovative and established enterprises, Seiko has acquired a strong business acumen and a deep appreciation for working with diverse teams.

Seiko is happily married and has two talented teenagers. More than anything, she loves spending time traveling with her family, gardening, and walking with the family dog. In addition to having a green thumb, Seiko continuously uses her creative mind to improve the home and office ambiance. She also enjoys playing piano.



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