Angela M. Stidham

Senior Paralegal Angela M. Stidham was born and raised in Maceo, Kentucky. It was from her grandparents, James Hubert Estes and Helena Gertrude Estes that Angela received her strong work ethic, compassion and dedication.
            Angela graduated as class Valedictorian from Owensboro Catholic High. Further, she obtained an associate degree in Business Administration from Kentucky College, where she also graduated as Class Valedictorian. Angela received her Paralegal Degree in 1995 from Penn Foster.
            She began her legal career with the Law Office of Roger W. Miller, Greenville, Kentucky in 1993 as a Law Office Manager. In 1995, Angela continued to work as a Paralegal / Office Manager for Roger W. Miller after obtaining her Paralegal Degree from 1995 to 2005, specializing in civil, civil litigation, personal injury, wrongful death, disability, criminal, bankruptcy, real estate, real estate litigation, family law, probate law and probate litigation.
Angela has been a National Notary Association Certified Notary and a National Notary Association Certified Signing Agent since 1993. Angela was also recognized by Cambridge’s Who’s Who in Women for showing leadership and excellence in all aspects of the paralegal field.
In 1995, while continuing to work for Roger W. Miller, Esq., Angela was appointed as the Senior Paralegal for the Muhlenberg County Prosecutor’s Office, where she investigated both civil and criminal cases. Angela further assisted in major criminal prosecutions ranging from capital murder to receiving stolen property. Angela was a staunch crime victim advocate as well for the Muhlenberg County Prosecutor’s Office. Angela continued to serve in this dual capacity from 1995 through 2005.
            From 1993 to 2005 in addition to working for Roger W. Miller, Esq., and the Muhlenberg County Prosecutor’s Office, Angela operated her own company, Accurate Research & Closing Services, providing title companies with title abstraction, loan closing, criminal research, and document retrieval services.
            Angela moved to Bakersfield, California in June 2005. She first worked for Land America Commonwealth as an Escrow Officer. The real estate boom later slowed down, and Angela desired to continue her legal career, Angela joined a local Law Office as a Senior Paralegal / Office Manager in January 2006, where she assisted in probate, probate litigation, trust litigation, trust administration, conservatorships, guardianships, civil litigation, real estate litigation, and family law matters. During her tenure at this Firm, Angela helped to locate one of her client’s missing children. The mother of the child kidnapped the child and fled the State of California. Before law enforcement could even act to find the child, Angela putting her investigative skills immediately to work successfully located the child in Arizona. Angela worked with the child’s father to ensure he was returned safely to California.
In 2005, Angela became a member of the Kern County Paralegal Association and the California Paralegal Association.
            In August 2007, Angela joined Ericksen, Arbuthnot, Kilduff, Day & Lindstrom as a Senior Paralegal / Collection Manager. During her tenure at this firm, Angela assisted in civil litigation, personal injury, wrongful death, complex litigation matters, trust litigation, probate litigation, real estate litigation, conservatorship, and collections up and down the State of California.
            Angela married her wonderful husband, Chris L, Stidham, on December 26, 2008. They have two children, a beautiful daughter, Sara J. Stidham, and a handsome son, Vincent Wade Sinks.
            Angela worked for the prestigious law firm of Dowling, Aaron & Keeler, Inc., from February 2009 to March 2013 as a Senior Litigation Paralegal. Angela worked on complex civil litigation matters, employment litigation matters, real estate litigation matters, probate litigation matters and complex class action lawsuits up and down the State of California.
Angela served as Public Information Officer for the Kern County Paralegal Association in 2009.
In March 2013, Angela joined Timothy Lemucchi, Esq., as a Senior Paralegal where she assisted in civil litigation matters, criminal matters, real estate litigation matters, probate litigation matters, personal injury matters, wrongful death matters and other complex civil litigation cases. Angela continued to work for Mr. Lemucchi until November 2014.
In November 2014, Angela became a Senior Paralegal | Supervisor for Legal Support Staff and Paralegals for Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance. Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance is a non-profit legal aid service provider, providing legal support to low-income families in Kern County, California. In this capacity, Angela handled domestic violence matters, elder abuse matters, child abuse matters, sexual assault matters, wrongful eviction, other landlord / tenant issues, fair housing and discrimination, impact litigation, civil litigation, probate litigation, probate law, family law matters, veterans’ law, homeless law, real estate litigation, education law, blight, nursing home reform and many other specialty areas of law. Further, Angela supervised the entire support staff and paralegal team for Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance.
Angela advocated for victims of domestic violence and elder abuse to promote better programs and assistance to victims. One of Angela’s greatest success stories from her tenure at Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance was to develop a partnership with local hotels to house victims of domestic violence, elder abuse and child abuse free of charge while they waited to obtain protective orders from the Court. In addition, Angela advocated to ensure that the Bakersfield Police Department and the Kern County Sheriff’s Department implemented a program to ensure that Spanish Interpreters were provided to all law enforcement officers on domestic violence calls to ensure Spanish speaking clients could obtain immediate seventy-two (72) hour orders for protection from law enforcement at the time of the domestic violence call without the language barrier.
From 2018 to August 2022, Angela successfully ran her own independent contractor Senior Paralegal company and provided paralegal assistance to a vast group of California, Nevada, Washington, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, Colorado, Oregon, Texas and Ohio attorneys. Angela specialized in the areas of civil litigation, complex civil litigation, real estate litigation, employment litigation, worker’s compensation, personal injury, wrongful death, catastrophic injury, probate litigation, trust litigation, corporate litigation, family law and criminal law.
Angela joined Chapman Law Group, A.P.C. in August 2022.
Angela is a staunch advocate and believes in justice! Angela is passionate about Chapman Law Group, A.P.C.’s clients. Angela puts herself in their shoes. During Angela’s career, she has wept while summarizing depositions in a wrongful death case and has closed her eyes and held her breath waiting for verdicts to be read as if her entire livelihood were on the line.  Those are Angela’s favorite cases. The ones she would have hypothetically worked on for free.  Not every case can evoke that kind of emotion, but the ones that do keep you coming back for more.  
Angela is passionate about the paralegal profession, her family, and life in general. She is a staunch advocate of continuing legal education, believing that one can never learn too much in the classroom or in life. Angela knows that the best legal professionals don’t sit around waiting to be told what to do.  They figure out what to do and they do it.  This is the same passion that Angela has brought to Chapman Law Group, A.P.C. Angela advocates for Chapman Law Group, A.P.C.’s clients the same way she would for her own family – with never ending passion and determination!



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